Mathematics of Deep Learning - CVPR 2016
 Mathematics of Deep Learning - ICCV 2015
 Sparse and Low-Rank Modeling for High-Dimensional Data Analysis - CVPR 2015
 Learning Multi-Subspaces in Computer Vision - CVPR 2010
 Generalized Principal Component Analysis - CVPR 2008
 Generalized Principal Component Analysis - CVPR 2007

 Workshop on Dynamical Vision - ICCV 2009
 Workshop on Dynamical Vision - ICCV 2007
 Workshop on Dynamical Vision - ECCV 2006
 Workshop on Dynamical Vision - ICCV 2005
 Workshop on Identification of Hybrid Systems - CDC 2005

Reading Group
The current Spring 2014 Vision Lab Reading Group meets Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00pm in Clark 311. The topics include Optimization, Subspace Clustering, Low Rank Minimization, Matrix Completion, and Graphical Models with applications in Activity Recognition, Computer Vision, and Motion Segmentation.

Past reading group schedules